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(All Information reproduced from J W Young & Sons Ltd 1959 Catalogue)











































































































1. Specialist designed for higher Casting and Threadline fishing.

2. Precision machined in every part from the finest alloys and steels.

3. Left or Right hand wind by simply changing over handle crank.

[1959 Retail Price (exclusive of Purchase Tax): £5]

4. Line drum tension is easily applied or released by movement of the check adjusting unit at the front of drum.




1. LINE RECOVERY. Right-hand or left-hand wind optional by simple change-over of the handle crank. FAST WINDING RATIO - 3½ : 1.

2. GEARING. Spiral cut gears provide completely smooth and silent transmission for the rapid movement of the member carrying the pick-up for retrieving line after casting.

[1959 Retail Price (exclusive of Purchase Tax): £7 10s.]

3. LINE SPREADING. The line-spreading arrangement is the best anti-kinking method yet devised.

4. LINE DRUM TENSION is readily adjustable; any desired tension can be applied, and it will be maintained constant by the patent self-securing mechanism.

5. CHECK-WORK is on the RATCHET principle.

6. Superbly designed Flexible Automatic Pick-up, completely over drum, smooth in action and infallible in use. Flexible Wire removable for placing line on correct side of Pick-up when necessary.

7. REVERSE WIND STOP is operated by a lever at the side of the reel.

8. HANDLE CRANK readily changeable from left-hand to right-hand wind.



Additional Features

1. LINE DRUM and TENSION UNIT are integral and can be removed complete without disturbing the setting of the tension. No loose parts.

[1959 Retail Price (exclusive of Purchase Tax): £9]

2. FOLDING HANDLE: a great boon when packing the reel away. To fold, lift the spring to disengage it from the head of the locking-screw; to return to normal, place the handle in the winding position and press the spring over the head of the locking screw.

3. Greater LINE CAPACITY: without prejudicing Threadline principles or sacrificing characteristic AMBIDEX compactness.

Dismantling for Oiling
Do not dismantle unnecessarily

Remove cover screws, retaining screw, and distance washer; lift cover off. Unwind tension unit until it will slide from the shaft; withdraw the line drum.

Note: the No. 3FP line drum is withdrawn without disturbing the tension unit: simply revolve the serrated front face about one-sixth of a turn anti-clockwise, and lift.

PICK-UP should be OPEN, and the REVERSE WIND STOP in the OFF position, for dismantling.



Left and Right Hand Line Recovery as desired by changing position of Handle Crank.

Fast Winding Ratio 3½ : 1

Helical Gearing providing superb, smooth and silent transmission.

Line Drum Tension is readily adjustable providing sensitive variation required and maintained by patent self securing mechanism.

INCREASED LINE CAPACITY over all other models, with ONE OR TWO LINE DRUMS making reel versatile for all forms of fishing.



All principal features which have made Ambidex models world famous are maintained in this New Streamlined Ambidex, plus the following improvements boldly outlined.

IMPROVED MECHANICAL MOVEMENT giving smooth increased reciprocal motion for Line Spreading and maximum Ease of Casting.

SIMPLICITY OF ASSEMBLY for quick take apart and reassembly for cleaning, oiling and replacements.

Superbly designed Flexible Automatic Pick-up, completely over drum, smooth in action and infallible in use. Flexible wire removable for placing line on correct side of pick-up when necessary.

Reverse Winding Ratchet operated by lever conveniently placed on side of reel casing.

Completely Collapsible Handle Crank folding for convenience when not in use.

LINE DRUMS and Component parts constructed from new corrosive-resisting materials eliminating friction to line when casting.


Ambidex No.4 1959 Retail Price (excl. Purchase Tax):
£8 2s. 6d. (double drum), £7 10s. (single drum)


Do not dismantle unnecessarily

Place Anti-Reverse Ratchet Lever on 'OFF' position, remove cover screws, retaining screw and distance washer; lift off cover plate. Open Automatic Pick-up in casting position, unwind tension unit until it will slide from the shaft; withdraw the line drum. Oil frequently at points enumerated and re-assemble in the reverse order.

Use only the finest quality thin Spindle Oil.

DO NOT USE HEAVY GREASE ON ANY PART OF THE REEL as this will impair the smooth action and efficiency of the reel




Put Handle Crank in collapsed position, Anti-reverse Ratchet Lever in 'OFF' position and Automatic Pick-up 'OPEN' as ready for casting. Remove Shaft Retaining Screws, Distance Washer and Cover Plate Screws.

Lift off Handle Crank and Cover Plate, withdraw Driving Shaft and components attached; withdraw Line Drum and Stationary Shaft intact. The reel is now sufficiently dissembled for thorough cleaning or replacement of spares. (Note:- The Revolving member carrying the Automatic Pick-up and the Pick-up itself should not be dismantled unnecessarily). To reassemble put back in the reverse order taking care to line up the hole in the stationary shaft with the guide pin engaged in the Reciprocal Arm.


Note: When changing spools, first remove from spindle, insert bush in spool, making sure that check pawl and wheel are in mesh and replace on shaft.