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The BEAUDEX for Fly Fishing

sizes available: 3", 3¼", 3½", 3½"MW, 3¾"MW, 4"MW, 4"W
(MW = Medium Width, W = Wide)































The BEAUDEX is made in a comprehensive range of seven sizes incorporating every essential feature and several outstanding refinements. In addition to paying careful attention to Check Work, Bearings, Safe Grip Handle, easy dismantling for cleaning, etc., the following features are worthy of special mention:

1. The check-work can be adjusted by our Patent regulator to give a varied strength.


2. Dual sets of check-work are fitted making the reels suitable for Right or Left Hand Wind - either set is instantly engaged or disengaged with the check wheel by simply turning either pawl into or out of position.

3. A revolutionary clip-on guard incorporating left and right hand protection from friction by the line is fitted standard on all models.

4. The front face of the line drum is perforated to facilitate ventilation of the line.

1959 Retail Price: from £3 12s to £5 12s 6d.
(Prices are exclusive of Purchase Tax)



1. To dismantle, pull aside the Release Lever at the front and lift Line Drum from the frame.

2. Oil the Spindle, Check Wheel and movable parts of the check mechanism, using good quality thin oil.

3. To replace Line Drum, pull aside Release Lever, to allow it to go easily into position. Do not use force.

4. A little oil at the top and base of the handles adds to the sweet working of the reel

5. The centre screw of the Release Cap is for the adjustment of any end-play that may develop through normal wear. After use remove all traces of moisture and keep your BEAUDEX in a dry place