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These 3½" trout reels made mainly from glass/ceramic material are built on a caged construction for a traditional appearance.



















Model 1445/1450
Single action narrow and wide with dual checkwork

Model 1470
Wide disc drag reel

Model 1480
Wide disc drag reel - components upgraded for saltwater use.
Features include:
  • Quick release spool with rim control
  • All reels suitable for left & right hand use
  • Spare spools available
  • Centrally operated disc drag system on the 1470 and 1480, proven to perform in all conditions


Prices shown are 2000-2001 UK retail prices and include V.A.T. at 17.5%.

Backing used is 20lb Cortland Micron Backing

All line and backing capacities are a guide only - size may vary between manufactur