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The VALDEX Fly Reel

A new fascinating reel for Trout and Sea Trout Fly Fishing. The ingenious design provides uncommon and practical features, the simplicity of which makes it possible for the 3" Diameter Cageless Reel to accommodate all that is generally required of a larger reel.










































1. Ingeniously constructed from finest light alloys permitting all working parts to be rapidly and easily put together and taken apart without the aid of equipment.

2. Free interchangeability of spares.

3. Optional left and right hand wind.

4. Dual sets of checkwork.

5. Quick spool release.

6. Ample line capacity (equal to that of any standard 3½" cage type reel)

7. Attractive design and superb high quality finish.


All prices are exclusive of Purchase Tax which is equal to one sixth of the price which must be added


To dismantle, hold Release Cap between thumb and second finger and pull back edge of Release Spring with index finger, in anti-clockwise direction, and lift off. Line drum is then free to be removed from spindle.

Oil regularly, Spindle, Checkwheel, movable parts of check mechanism, using only good quality thin spindle oil.

Replace Line Drum and press Release Cap on spindle which will 'click home' automatically.



For a complete dismantling please follow these instructions carefully.

1. Remove Cap and Line Drum as above.

2. Depress Line Guard and remove.

3. Turn Check Pawl round and slide off Pivots.

4. Depress Check Spring sufficiently to push pawl pivots through back plate.

5. Slide Check Springs off their anchors and push anchors through back plate.

The reel is now sufficiently stripped for all practical purposes.

To re-assemble insert all parts carefully in the reverse order. When replacing Line Guard please see that the indents are uppermost to engage in the slotted heads of the pillars.

NOTE:- Spindle is replaceable by removing screw and pressing out. New Bearing or Bush and Checkwheel are replaceable by removing circlip, inserting new parts and replacing circlip.